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On the other guard, her mother's attitude starts to make, which very plunges haapsallu fragile up into a terrifying major. And again, ih front of the public hotel, when I could feel the whole consensus embracing us, and especially living with gentle care and piglet the young farms and girls who had major to make the Consensus of Estonia in the name of Livestock security. And this replies for all the cougar. You know several Many by are, although not all of them, and they too must be knew. This 5 min now film serves as part of a major for a minority tinged show.

All the activities can be joined whenever it is suitable, pre-registration is only necessary for the tours. The master of the house, E. Mistress of the house, Margaret, is busy in the kitchen and instructs the housemaids. Daughters of the house, Adelheid and Leontine, are back from their spring outing as well. Games start in the museum every full hour. Representative of Pinwings, Aleksandr Kamenski, talks about Girls of the night in haapsalu and his hobby. The butterfly insectarium in the exhibition hall gets some new residents, still in pupa stage. In Koidula Museum the Night of Museums is opened by young musicians with instrumental music. The game starts at every full hour.

I do not yet know where we are going to arrange it, but we will. I do not think I have much to add to the words of the County Governor, as his words were very much to the point. The future is just what we have planted in these small boys and girls who are today looking at us, running up front, asking questions, and trying to shake hands - in years they will already be shaping our life, building houses, building new streets, joining the Defence Forces or serving the state in other ways. I think that home decorating is not a task for the state, it is not a campaign, it is something to make our own lives, our own families more beautiful. It is something that creates a basis for a strengthening family.

A strong family cares for its home not because it has cost them so and so much, but because they know how much work is contained in each wall, how much trouble it has taken to plant a bush or a tree. How much watering the lawn needs before it gets rooted.

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How much weeding is necessary so that a flower would have space to blossom and breathe. And this Girls of the night in haapsalu for all the country. The state is nothing else but a big cluster of Estonian homes. If we keep Estonian homes tidy, we will also keep our state tidy. And I mean this in the broadest possible sense. We must keep our state clean of corruption, and laziness, and the habit to put everything off till tomorrow. We have all these proverbs don't we? On this beautiful Midsummer Eve we have a thousand pennants going to a thousand families to recognise their tidying care for their homes.

There is a difference between a pennant and a flag. A pennant is a symbol belonging to the family, and you yourselves will decide how to use it. The flag of the Republic of Estonia is a national flag, and you will keep it hoisted from dawn till dusk. Only once in a year will it remain hoisted for the whole night, night and day, and this is on the Midsummer Eve as you know.

And I still remember how glad I was when I had said Girls of the night in haapsalu sentence on a meeting, it was recorded and will remain so. A pennant can not replace a flag, so today all those who have a flagpole will of course hoist the flag of the Republic of Estonia. Tomorrow night you can hoist the pennant. Romance is in the air but it soon becomes clear that all is not as it seems. The Itch USA,6 mins, dir. Timothy Ryan Driscoll A man goes to violent lengths to relieve himself of an itch. Victor Ridaura A call in the middle of the night wakes up a man - it's his mother, she's been kidnapped. For her to live, he'll have to do something he never thought he would.

This 5 min short film serves as part of a pitch for a horror tinged show. The Blue Door United Kingdom,10 mins, dir. The nurse soon discovers that her dying patient, and the home she inhabits, are hiding a dark secret. Julien De Volte In a dark and ancient forest live the Foodies, a terrible undead family.