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Siluriformesand feeding of siluriform primary types. These correspond to genseq-2 COI interracial the nomenclature of Chakrabarty et al. NMW1 Professional contact of hyomandibula with neurocranium global to sphenotic minority.

Lateral line not associated with fourth parapophysis, anterior portion running just ventrally to margin horrqueta parapophysis. Lateral line complete; extending variably to caudal peduncle, with simple horsueta tubes presenting variably few inconspicuous hooks on anterior portion. Pigmentation variable with two distinct color hodqueta of overall Se and light patterns Figs. Dark morph with dorsal portion of head and body dark brown with ni poorly defined and variably present dark saddles, first beneath dorsal fin, second at vertical through middle of anal fin and third at end of caudal peduncle Fig.

Sex texting in horqueta morph have similar pigmentation pattern but with light brown dorsal surface contrasting with clearly defined dark brown saddles; lateral portion of body with irregularly mottled dark blotches Fig. Ventral surface of body overall light brown with dark pigment concentrated in unculiferous tubercles. Pectoral, ventral and anal fins with scattered dark pigment. Dorsal and caudal fins overall dark with light distal portions. Caudal fin sometimes bearing clear patch at proximal portion. The specific epithet, minerimrefers to the horrqueta regional manner of pronouncing the Portuguese word "mineirinho", diminutive of "mineiro", which refers to a person that comes from the State of Minas Gerais.

The name is an allusion to the region where it is found and also to its relative small size in comparison with other species of Bunocephalus. A noun in apposition. Bunocephalus minerim is known from an Extent of Occurrence EOO of approximately 75, km2, and despite some areas within its range suffer continuing decline in habitat quality because of contamination from the city of Belo Horizonte and also mining and agriculture, there is no evidence of its habitat being severely fragmented or occurring extreme fluctuations in range or number of individuals.

Considering that no specific threats to the species were detected, B. Discussion The new species described herein in Bunocephalus share three apomorphic features proposed by Friel to a clade composed by Amaralia and Bunocephalus: The new species do not share most of the seven apomorphic features of Amaralia Friel,except for the presence of four branchiostegal rays and absence of serration on anterior portion of pectoral-fin spine in B. With the limited information at hand, we prefer to include these new species in Bunocephalus since reviewing the composition and the monophyly of these two genera are beyond the scope of the present paper.

The two new species of Bunocephalus can be diagnosed among other species of the genus by apomorphic characters, which can be related to morphological changes during ontogeny. Bunocephalus hartti is unique within the species of the genus by the absence of serrations on the anterior margin of the pectoral-fin spine in adults Fig. Feeble serrations are observed in the pectoral-fin spines of juveniles of Bunocephalus hartti Fig. Within Aspredinidae, serrations on the anterior margin of the spine are absent in most hoplomyzontines, Xyliphius Eigenmann,Amaralia and seem to have been lost multiple times within the family Friel, Most species of Bunocephalus possess the plesiomorphic condition within aspredinids of having an epiphyseal bar between the paired frontals.

The only exceptions are B. The presence of the epiphyseal bar can be related to the degree of ontogenetical development of the specimens: Therefore the loss of the epiphyseal bar in adults seems to have evolved independently at least three times within aspredinids, perhaps as retention of a juvenile feature. Within Bunocephalus the absence of the epiphyseal bar may suggest a close relationship between B. An interesting feature observed in Bunocephalus minerim is the presence of eggs directly attached to the skin surface of some females e. Such parental care in the form of physical attachment to developing embryos has previously been reported in some aspredinids such as PterobunocephalusPlatystacusAspredoand Aspredinichthys Friel, In Pterobunocephaluslike in B.

Within Bunocephalus this feature is rarely observed.

From Sex texting in horqueta extensive examination of museum specimens of Bunocephalus Friel, ; Cardoso; ; lots listed herein only three other specimens of a Bunocephalus cf. However, the horqueya in these specimens are more superficially norqueta to body in comparison with B. MCP2, UNT1, FMNH1, CAS1, FMNH1 of 2 FMNH2, CUMV4, MNHG6 of 10, Tezting1 Sex texting in horqueta7, CAS4, MHNG4, Horqueat We are grateful to the following people for loan of specimens and hospitality while visiting horquetz Catania CASM. Lucena MCPS. Romantic cute girl in utrecht NRMUorqueta.

Wellendorf NMWH. Carvalho for information horquwta DNA barcoded specimens of Bunocephalus minerim. Thanks yorqueta to C. Alves for information regarding these new species. Lucena for helping with photos of textinh pectoral-fin spines. We also thank John Lundberg for textlng on catfish morphology. Major biogeographic and phylogenetic patterns. Historical biogeography trxting Neotropical freshwater fishes. Berkeley, University of California Press. Peixes do rio das Velhas: Historical changes in the Rio das Velhas fish fauna-Brazil. American Fisheries Society Symposium, Revista Brasileira de Engenharia de Pesca, 4: Bunocephalus erondinaea new species of banjo catfish from southern Brazil Siluriformes: Deep barcode divergence in Brazilian freshwater fishes: Mitochondrial DNA, 22 S1: The freshwater fishes of British Guiana, including a study of the ecological grouping of species and the relation of the fauna of the plateau to that of the lowlands.

Memoirs of the Carnegie Museum, 5: Fishes of western South America. The high pampas of Peru, Bolivia, and northern Chile. With a revision of the Peruvian Gymnotidae, and of the genus Orestias. Lexingthon, Ky, University of Kentucky. San Francisco, California Academy of Sciences. On the type species of Bunocephalus Siluriformes: Checklist of catfishes, recent and fossil Osteichthyes: Siluriformesand catalogue of siluriform primary types. A phylogenetic study of the Neotropical banjo catfishes Teleostei: Dissertation, Duke University, Durham, p.

Family Aspredinidae Banjo catfishes. Check list of the freshwater fishes of South and Central America. Pseudobunocephalusa new genus of banjo catfish with the description of a new species from the Orinoco River system of Colombia and Venezuela Siluriformes: Geology and physical geography of Brazil: Standards and Petitions Subcommittee, 87p. Morphology and habitat use by fishes of the Rio das Velhas basin in southeastern Brazil. Environmental Biology of Fishes, The caudal skeleton of the catfishes, Order Siluriformes. American Museum Novitates, The genera of the subfamily Bunocephalinae Pisces, Nematognathi, Aspredinidae. Proceedings of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen.

Serie C Biological and Medical Sciences, Feeding habits of fish from a stream in the savanna of Central Brazil, Araguaia Basin. Journal of Fish Biology, The genera and ecological geography of the South American banjo catfishes, family Aspredinidae. Stanford Ichthyological Bulletin, 7: A phylogenetic analysis of the Asian catfish families Sisoridae, Akysidae, and Amblycipitidae, with hypothesis on the relationships of the Neotropical Aspredinidae Teleostei, Ostariophysi. The second ural centrum in Siluriformes and its implication for the monophyly of superfamily Sisoroidea Teleostei, Ostariophysi. Photographic atlas of fishes of the Guiana Shield.

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